Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's a creepy weirdo? I am.

You know how facebook has that "people you may know" function?

Sometimes I search through it and randomly add people.  Usually it's friends from high school or college I hadn't known were on facebook.  Sometimes it's folks I met at a party.  It's almost always someone I'm pretty sure I know.

I used to have a goal of keeping my "friends" under 100 -- you know, the people I actually am sort of friends with?  But with the pressure to "socially network" in general and "platform build" (is it just me, or is the idea of building a platform for a currently non-existent product somewhat nauseating?) specifically, I figured, Hey, what the what, right?

But then one of those people I randomly added (based on the fact that we've got five very cool friends in common and I'm fairly certain we've got some kind of nodding acquaintance) added me back ... and promptly messaged me to ask, "Do I know you?" 

Having concluded that"Facebook thinks you do, buddy" is not an appropriate answer, there's really nothing to do but write back with a heavy dose of self-deprecation.

Social media - reminding people of junior high since 2005.

Same thing goes for blogger.  Did I tell you all how delighted I get when I get new followers?  I totally do.  It's a little embarasing, but hey -- there it is.  HI FOLLOWERS!  I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!  (See above re: Creepy Weirdo.)

But this sort of Internet popularity is a double-edged sword, because I also find myself oddly upset when (for example) my blog gets "de-followed."  I just want to know, what was it about me someone found so boring or offensive or distressing?  I TAKE IT ALL BACK ABOUT THE HIPSTER GLASSES!  (Just kidding, I don't.  I'm still a tiny bit bummed, though.  Like losing misplacing that last quarter right when you really, REALLY want a Diet Coke.  Which if you know me is kind of a big deal.)

Have you guys encountered any odd social media phenomena?  Is there something unpleasant I'm going to be discovering about Twitter?  I don't think I can handle any more Moments Brought To You By Seventh Grade. 


  1. I love your blog! And I'm so glad you added me as a friend. Besides enjoying your posts, we also share an affinity for Diet Coke, or shall I say, the liquor of the Gods.
    Anyhoo, don't fret the social media phenomena. It's ever evolving, it's followers ebbing and flowing. And you'll have to let me know about Twitter. I can't quite get myself to join...I guess I'm a dinosaur.

  2. I'm glad we're friends too! PS, I tried adding your blog over yonder ----> but it didn't work. So don't feel bad about being a dinosaur, I am completely incapable of techie things.

    MMMMM, now I want a Diet Coke. Off to get one!

  3. This post cracked me up! I do the same thing when I notice someone has "unfollowed" my blog. I also do it with Twitter, I'm just becoming active on that myself. I had an account for months but never did anything, finally I decided to take the plunge.

  4. yes. twitter is just like junior high. allow me to explain and then feel stupid for overanalyizng the situation/being insecure. i follow some semi-well known bloggers on twitter. there is a group of them that are friends with each other and (somehow, thanks twitter) i can see their conversations.i always feel sort of left out, especially when i try to talk to them and never get a response. here's the junior high part of it, though: sometimes i choose to follow people because of the other people they are friends with, so i can see what they say to each other (creepy, i know). and i realize they would probably follow me back if i were also having conversations with people they know/are interested in. but i don't. conclusion: i'm not friends with the cool kids on twitter, so no one wants to be friends with me.

  5. Facebook keeps suggesting that I add my husband's high school girlfriend as a friend. Obviously, facebook isn't that smart.

  6. Julie - I'm glad we're on the same page

    Sandy - That sounds basically like what I'll probably be doing in about two weeks, once I get really Twitter-invested. Sigh.

    At least we have real life friends, right? :)

    Abby - Haha, that is golden. I've never had an ex (or a current boyfriend's ex) suggested. I'll keep on the lookout for that one.

  7. I do the same thing when someone "unfollows" my blog or "unfriends" me on facebook. I'll actually spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out who it was, and then even more time trying to figure out what I did to upset/offend that person! It's quite sad, really! I do have twitter, but luckily I haven't really gotten all that into it to be concerned yet if someone quits following me there.

  8. I've not the unfollowing, too. Sometimes I think it might be blogger, but it could also be that the blog was deleted.

    Great points about the double-edged social media sword.

  9. I've probably been unfriended or unfollowed, but I don't pay any attention to that. I DID get unfriended by my now former boss, because he posted something on fb that could have gotten him fired,and I found it. I was just making sure he was ok, since he'd been in an accident and no one had heard from him, but he ALWAYS posts on fb. I felt bad for a nano second, then realized he did me a favor- no one wants to unfriend their boss, jic it pisses them off, lol.

  10. Well, I don't Facebook, but I do question Life and All Its Mysteries when someone unfollows. WHY? Which post sent you running? Did I not comment back on your blog? I CAN CHANGE! But then someone else wouldn't like the new me and would unfollow. I CAN'T WIN!

  11. You can get "unfollowed"? Oh my. Then again I wouldn't know because I have so little followers anyway! Ah ah ah! (sad hysterical laughter) But interesting post. Too true.

  12. Jamie - haha, glad to know I'm not alone in my bizarre behavior :)

    Donna - I think I'm going to blame blogger from now on. It seems like the mentally healthy thing to do.

    MJ - dude, you're a better person than I, because I would have taken a screenshot of that nonsense for a rainy day. (Did I just imply that I'm in to blackmail? Well, I think the plausible deniability lies with the word "imply.")

    Kim - I know, doesn't it kind of break your heart?

    LA - thanks for the visit. :)