Friday, July 29, 2011

Two recommendations

1. I am not a great cook.  Fortunately, my cousin Ashlee is, and she blogs about it here.  Speaking as someone who is not great at anything beyond my staple four recipe rotation, her recipes range from super easy to moderately difficult, so anyone should be able to find something they can copy.

Last night I made peanut butter kiss cookies for all the neighbors who have helped me move in, and despite several mishaps (including realizing hmm, I guess I don't have vanilla, oh hey, maybe coconut extract will do! Also, no oven mitts, huh?  I better be quick!)* they turned out magnifique.  Go try them.  Enjoy them.  And then follow Ashlee's blog, because she's super nice on top of creative.

2. For anyone with fellow writey-pants aspirations, there is a pretty sweet pitch contest going on over here.  I am working up the courage to enter myself.

Let's make a contest pact!  It's like a suicide pact, but not so morbid, and if you fink out on me, I WILL be around to know.

* This willingness to just make things up may explain why I struggle in the kitchen.


  1. 1. You made peanut butter kiss cookies with coconut extract?

    2. You don't cook but for some reason you have coconut extract in the house?

    WOW - I am wicked impressed. I mean that. I have cooked/baked for years and I don't think I knew coconut extract existed. Nicely done.

  2. PS - I am not a writer, don't aspire to be a writer [I honestly think I am the only blogger in that genre] so I can't enter the contest.

    I hope you do tho' - and you better hurry up. They are up to 63 entries and they are only accepting 150.

    You'll do great. [I was going to say awesome, but I think I remember you banning that word. :)]

  3. I'M already doing the contest. So, basically, I've already accepted your pitch pact. Which means I've fulfilled my part of the contract. Which means, if you don't enter, I can demand liquidated damages. Which will include (but not be limited to) some of those peanut butter kiss cookies. And your puppy.

    Also, watch the math. Midnight GMT is a sneaky way of saying "oops--you're six hours too late, MDT'ers!"

  4. Skippy -I bought it once for a red velvet cake recipe. And I thought I did have vanilla too, but I guess that was either lost or permanently misplaced in the move. I think you might be pleasantly surprised, I think it worked A-OK with the peanut butter cookies.

    Robin - NOT SPENCER! OK, fine, I entered. Even if I am in the wrong genre. :) What can I say, I'll do anything for that little pup.

  5. I was about to enter when I realized I queried said Agent back in April. I guess I shouldn't enter. Not that she'd pick mine anyway, even with the changes I made.
    Thanks for introducing yourself over at my blog and I thought your creep post was hilarious. It's always fun to find a new blog friend.

  6. Mmmm... Cookies... They sound delicious! :D I'm going to check out your cousin's blog right now!

  7. Good luck with the contest...

    Your blog cracks me up. Always.

    AND the thing about making stuff up in the kitchen? Sometimes it turns out AWESOME...
    it's just hard to re-create...

  8. Melanie - I'm glad we're blog friends. Yay internet!

    Chantele - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    Jolene - aw shucks, thank you. :)

  9. Hey, Ru--I just gave you an award on my blog. Also, I may or may not have threatened to kidnap your puppy. Good thing he's purse-sized....

  10. Oh darnit. Anytime someone talks about making cookies, I have to go make some. Must...resist....::Nestle's break'n'bake calling to me::

  11. I have a really hard time doing something in a public venue that I know I suck at. Pitches are one of them. Just ask Robin.

  12. Robin - thanks ma'am :)

    Sophia - just give in. It's the weekend, it's ok.

    Donna - pitches are the worst. But hey, it's just a contest.