Monday, July 18, 2011

Estrogen levels approaching danger zone, sir!

Just kidding with that title.

Yesterday I co-threw a baby shower for my friend Kate.  You want some baby shower-related life lessons?

One, the adage "better too much food than not enough" applies to everyone but the person whose fridge will be stuffed with leftovers until this kid is walking.

Two, you can have the cutest, sweetest, cleanest (really, he got a tubby right before the party) puppy ever, but as soon as a guest puts her baby down on the rug, you're going to have to go cable your dog outside.  (Sorry fella.)

Three, food processors are a mystery that are beyond my abilities to comprehend or fix. Much related to life lesson three -- if you don't have a garbage disposal, let people know that before they start washing veggie peels down the sink.  (Sorry sink.)

But here's the thing -- once we had gotten the (way too large amount of) food on the table and everyone had a chance to eat and chat, this thought struck me.  (I apologize in advance for trying to get deep.)

Roughly twenty women (and three baby girls, plus one more in utero) from Kate's elementary school, high school, sorority and family came to wish her new baby girl the best possible start in life.  That's not too shabby of a support system to have from Day One.

We all vaguely know who the people were that there for us when we were growing up.  Teachers, neighbors, folks from church and extended relatives blend together at some point, and you just sort of know that if your parents hadn't been around, some hand would have yanked you back to the sidewalk before you stepped into traffic. 

But it's strange and nice to think that once upon a time, your mom probably attended a baby shower for you, and twenty of her best friends came and dropped off onesies.  Maybe you know who they were.  Maybe you don't.  

All the same, you had friends who loved you before you were even born.


  1. I was thinking about this same thing when one of my best friends had her baby last month. A bunch of us were all texting and calling each other, sharing updates while she was in labor and celebrating that the baby had finally arrived. And I reflected on what a lucky little girl that baby was to have so many people loving her before she'd even made an appearance in this world. I never really thought about it as it applies to me, though. My mom saved all the cards from her baby shower in a scrapbook for me. Now I want to go look through those names.

  2. Baby showers are very awkward times for me, given I'm 31, married 5 years and childless, and people automatically assume it's because I want it that way (it's not). I do love baby showers, as long as I don't get bombarded with ignorant comments or questions. They they're hell.

    And thank you for saying you want to read my book. That basically made my day!

  3. Gina - dude, I hear ya. Those little reminders (or obnoxious giant reminders, as the case may be) that you don't have a kid or don't have a boyfriend/husband or don't have whatever do start to grate at some point. Grrr.

    I'm glad it made your day, it was totally true :)

  4. Awh! This is sweet ( :

    But I have to say that the baby comments are EQUALLY annoying/rude if you're 25, married and don't have kids and DO want it that way. People should just learn to mind their own business in that category altogether.

    Gina is right: they ARE hell.

  5. This is impressively sentimental, Ru. And true. Today is my baby's number one birthday and I've been thinking pre-baby all day. This was a nice reminder. Thanks.

  6. Did you just get sentimental?! I just heard this sound in my head:


    Kate is one lucky betch

  7. Baby showers are always fun, always a little awkward (the last time I was at a baby shower I accidentally called a girl baby 'he' - oops) - but it is sweet that the baby's have such a great support system even before they are born. :) Aw.

  8. I've been thinking about this lately, too. I have so many close friends that are getting ready to have babies and I adore every one of those babies. I hope I get to be around for some of them to remember me.