Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm a last-minute genius

So I woke up this morning and realized, "Oh balls.  Tonight is my housewarming party."

Do I have any food?

Have I even bought a grill yet?

Is the house clean?

Does the guest bathroom have a door?

The answer to these questions and many others, my friends, is "No."  (Well, except for the house being clean.  It's pretty clean, but it could use a 30-minute once-over before guests arrive.) 

But for some reason, I still feel pretty confident.


  1. Ha! I sure hope you get a door on that guest bathroom! ;) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Who needs a bathroom door? LOL! Have fun tonight!

  3. Have fun!
    I'm glad I'm not the only person who says "Oh, balls."

  4. Hey, wait! Where's MY invite? Not that I would come (today being my son's b-day and all) but still. RUDE! (Look--that word starts with your pseudonym!)


    Hope you have a wonderful night.

  5. Oh Lord. Good luck; you may need it! Just give 'em lots of cocktails and they won't notice anything else.

  6. Update please! And I am sure no one minded about the door on the bathroom.

    [much] :)

  7. Chantele & Emily - the door issue was resolved :)

    Alex - "oh balls" is universal. ;)

    Robin - if you lived here, you would certainly be invited.

    Cathy -- good call. And yes, I implemented that suggestion.

    Skippy - update posted!

  8. I love the expression "Oh balls." I need to use it more.