Friday, July 1, 2011

All my life I've had one dream - to achieve my many goals

The year is half-way over, and now I've got some thoughts on what would make 2011 -- dare I say it? -- more bitchin than any other year that has come before it.

1. Finish the first draft of my current story by August 15th.

2. Get Spence housebroken in two weeks.

3. Find the will to finish painting my dining room.

4. Return to Crossfit. Get amazingly hot.

5. Go to New York, see The Book of Mormon musical.


Actually, that's kind of it. 

I don't think setting too many goals is healthy. 

What goals do you guys have now that 2011 is a lame duck year?


  1. my goal is to start asking questions at the end of my blog posts, because clearly that's the way to get people (like me) to comment.

    other goals:
    - work enough hours to not get fired;
    - resume my pre-job fitness routine of working out more than once every two weeks; and
    - take a spontaneous roadtrip.

  2. 1. Crossfit more, getting amazingly hot is not really the goal here...
    2. Deploy, and come back with my team in one piece.

  3. Still working on the "get WIP ready for querying" goal. Who can stand more than that?

  4. My goal is to finish my novel, I've gotten totally off track with it. And to submit some short stories for contests or anthologies. I can't really believe the year is halfway over!!

    Good luck with all of your goals. I hope Spence cooperates with you on the house training!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Those are some good goals!

    I have 52 for this year. I like goals. And I'm trucking along with them.

  6. "2. Get Spence housebroken in two weeks." heehee - good luck with that. Two words - "puppy papers". They work. If it does occur - You will be rich!

  7. Those are great goals! I have two: Get wip first draft finished by the end of August and lose some dang weight!

  8. Skippy - you know what they say: better to aim for the stars and fall in the treetops than aim for the treetops and fall in the mud ;)

  9. Congrats on your new pup! How adorable! Housebreaking is frustrating. It took ours about 2 months to have it down pat. But once they get it it's never an issue again. :)