Thursday, July 7, 2011

Epic battle of wills

So Spence has to take some pills for 5 days to help his tummy feel better.  The demonstration of how to give a puppy a pill (that apparently tastes incredibly disgusting and foams on contact with any liquid) seemed relatively painless -- put the pill at the back of his throat, close his mouth, rub under his chin to encourage him to swallow. 

After some nice cuddles this morning, I decided to give it a shot.

First attempt: Spence immediately starts thrashing his 6-pound body in a way that refutes the laws of physics.  It was like holding on to a tornado.  I fall on my ass as I try to maintain my grip and ultimately fail.  He spits out the pill.

Second attempt: Am better prepared for whirling dervish puppy and hold his mouth shut for a solid minute while rubbing under his chin.  Let go.  I look at him.  He looks at me.  All is calm.  For a brief, shining moment, I think I have won.

Then he spits up the pill.

Third attempt: Since I am apparently not as strong as my tiny, tiny dog, I decide to be cunning.  I hide the pill in a ball of peanut butter.  Spence licks all the peanut butter off the pill and then looks at me as if to say, "You fool!  Bahahahaha!"

Fourth attempt: I dissolve the pill in some Alpo meat chunks with gravy and rice.  (He's only had dry puppy food before now, so I hope he won't notice that this has medicinal aftertaste.)  He seems briefly enthusiastic, and then suddenly stops eating. 

I like to think that maybe 8am is too early for meat chunks with gravy and rice, but I have a suspicion he cottoned to my plan and foiled me. 

I left the spiked Alpo with him in the bathroom when I went to work.  I will find out this afternoon if he finished eating it, or defiantly smeared it all over the floor.  Wish me luck, comrades.


  1. LOL! Great imagery. Good luck getting your dog to take the pills. Getting pets to take meds can be a pain in the hiney (and in your case, literally). Ha!

  2. Suuuuck. My cat just had a urinary tract infection and I had to squirt liquid medicine down her throat twice a day for a week. It's amazing how powerful 9 pounds can be, especially when that 9 pounds has claws.

  3. He's smart like his Ru. You will conquer.

  4. Ha, thanks for the encouragement guys. :)

  5. When I have to give our little pup a pill, I just wrap it in lunch meat. She loves lunch meat so much that she doesn't even chew it. She swallows it (and the pill) in one bite. It works like a charm every time.

  6. My mom's dog has to take a pill every day, and she rolls it up in a bit of American cheese. It's soft, so she can completely hide it, and he pretty much inhales cheese, so he has no idea what's going on, other than finally getting some cheeeeeese.

  7. I had to give my cat a pill fot a few days once. It was torture. I looked like I'd been caught in barbed wire after each attempt because he attacked my arms so badly. The vet told me the same thing as yours did--put it in the back of his throat. Yeah, okay. Ever try to stick your fingers in a cat's mouth? Let's just say they don't enjoy it. (Who does?) After I called the vet for more assistance, he told me to blow a puff of air in the cat's face so as to force him to swallow. He just wound up fighting me evern harder when I did that. Eventually, after much complaining and a still-sick cat, the vet gave me a liquid version. Still not a pleasant experience but I won the battles after that.

  8. 1 word: CHEESE. Promise. Good luck :D

  9. Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. YOU SHOULD BE A WRITER.

    I remember the tricks my mother tried to get our dog to take meds. One time she hid them at the bottom of her food bowl. My dog then picked up one bit of kibble at a time, placed the kibbles next to the bowl, and ate the medicine first. Go figure.

  10. That little Spence is sooo cute, he almost makes me want a pooch of my own! with 4 kids has sort of killed the dream , leaving only the reality of extra poop and work behind. Maybe someday, when they're all out of diapers! Anyway, I stopped by to let you know you're my pick of the week. I got the chance to read several of your posts and about died laughing! Your link will be on my blog for the next week so my readers get a chance to enjoy you, too!

    BTW in the past (back when I had dogs) I've always stuck the pill inside of cheese. Never failed.