Monday, December 13, 2010

For reals, Jean-Pierre?

So I'm not one to use my blog to brag about my fabulous vacations (that's what Facebook is for), I must make a brief mention of my current adventures in the Big Apple.

New York is beautiful (albeit super smelly) and my Christmas spirit is officially off-the-charts. 

But while I never thought I'd agree with Dwight Shrute about something, there are far too many people on this planet.  We do need a new plague.

Also?  This place is hella confusing.  I'm staying with friends in the East Village, and I got turned around after getting off the subway tonight.  (DC Metro OWNS New York Subway, fyi.)  So I sought out a member of the fine NYPD and asked him which way was east.

I didn't ask for real directions.  I didn't ask where a particular landmark was.

I just needed to know which way was EAST.

And this fine gentleman DIDN'T KNOW. 





  1. How on Earth do I keep missing your new posts?! I'm sorry about that. Geesh! Seriously, he didn't know what way east was?! I hope you are having a good time in NY! :)

  2. Compass, always carry a compass! Yes, there is an app for that.