Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seriously, McLaughlin Group?

I love Sunday news programs, but there is literally nothing that enrages me more than people who take Sarah Palin seriously as a politician.

Forget every other thing about her that is ridiculous and mockable (I know it's hard).

The woman DID NOT even finish ONE TERM as Alaska's governor.

Game over.


  1. "The woman DID NOT even finish ONE TERM as Alaska's governor."

    THANK YOU! I have been saying this since she stepped down because of "family commitments"

    Then explain to me how she has time to fly all over the country for [2] book tours, visiting her daughter on DWTS and taking time out to make a reality TV show.

    But she didn't have time to be the governor - the position the people of AK trusted and elected her to be?

    She is an idiot.

    Sorry - but I cannot stand who she pretends to be.

  2. Bwah-hahahahahahahahahaha! So totally agree with you.