Thursday, December 23, 2010

Genetic heritage

I spent a lot of time over this break just hanging out with my family in Kaysville, watching movies and not doing any lawyer-work (hurray!).

Since I've been gone in Fake Texas, my parents have redecorated our house a bit.  Mostly changing the bedroom I used to share with Echo, putting in a new sectional couch and TV in our basement ... but the most interesting change is definitely the addition of various lamps or pictures that my grandparents had owned.  It's nice to be in the house I grew up in, with little additions from the house I grew up next door to.  

One of those additions is a baby stroller that my Grandma used to keep upstairs in a little nook.  My cousins and I used to play house up there, pushing the antique baby stroller around with a porcelain doll inside. 

My dad and I were reminscing about the stroller the other day--except neither one of us could remember the word "stroller." 

I came thisclose to convincing myself and him that the appropriate term was "baby basket."

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