Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Conclusively awful Christmas songs

  • Wonderful Christmastime, Paul McCartney

  • Happy Christmas (War Is Over), John Lennon and Yoko Ono

(You, like me, may have made the mistake of thinking this song is called "So This Is Christmas."  In any event, it's the creepy Christmas song with the creepy Christmas children's choir.)

  • Last Christmas, Wham (and anyone who ever covered Wham - looking at you, Taylor Swift)

  • Christmas Shoes, Newsong

Did I miss any?


  1. Christmas Shoes is the WORST!
    I had to rethink the song and 'hear' it my own way to keep me from driving sharpened pencils into my ears upon hearing it . . .

  2. *Any Christmas song sung by Mariah Carey. Seriously, someone should tell her that sometimes she goes too far.

    Oh, the John Lennon one. So true. The choir made me laugh the first few times, and now it just makes me kind of sad.

    Wonderful Christmastime is a guilty pleasure of mine, though, I must admit.

  3. I love "Happy Christmas(War is over)", but, I am a John Lennon apologist. The Paul Christmas song is pure crap, its sappy and sentimental and I also love it.

    Christmas Shoes is garbage. I would add Destiny Child's "Platinum Bells" to the list. It is terrible song, that you can't help but laugh at. Also, Alabama's "Christmas in Dixie". It is not snowing in the pines in the south.

  4. Also Where are You Christmas...terrible.

  5. The Christmas Shoes song is the absolute anti-Christ [like how I worked a Jesus "reason for the season" reference in there, hee] So I am glad you had that on the list. Without a doubt it is vomit inducing.

    And although I like Bruce Springsteen I hate his overplayed Christmas song where he talks to the band members at the beginning. Getover. :)