Monday, December 6, 2010


Christmas is coming, and my billable hours are nearly reached.  (Woot!)  As soon as I hit that sweet 1950, I am done working.  I don't care if the world is getting ready to explode and the only thing that could stop it would be me filing an injunction against Terraforma Explosificus.  STAYING HOME.*  Sorry, fellow Earth-dwellers.

But here's my problem.  Let's say I finish all my work this week, which I intend to.  I am out next Monday and Tuesday to go to New York to visit various homies.  I have an application for attorneys fees to finish Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (which I may actually be able to cram in this week), but then I am done for 2010. 

Do I fly home that Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday, depending on how much time I just want to spend wallowing in my apartment, drinking Diet Coke and wearing fuzzy socks) ... or do I wait, and then drive home via Las Vegas to catch the Utes versus Boise matchup in the Maaco Bowl on December 22? 

So torn. 

* I know some lawyers get what is known as a "bonus" for going above and beyond.  But the likelihood of me getting a bonus is low, the potential bonus would be relatively small, and therefore either way, I just don't care that much.  YAY FOR MORE VACATION!


  1. If you drive you should read the Larry McMurtry book "Roads". It will give you a new found appreciation of driving.

    Personally, I am far to pessimistic about the Utes playing Boise to want to attend the sporting match.(please read in a Thurston Howell from Giligan's Island accent).

  2. The idea of billable hours scares me. So badly that I've only applied for government positions ... should I be rethinking my choice? You make it sound doable.

  3. I think you should catch the bowl game, so I say drive. YAY for more vacation for you!!! Enjoy your time off and don't do anything I wouldn't do! :)

  4. Brooke - I have been trying to figure out a concise response, and I can't, so I'm working on a blog post. But yes, you should apply for firm jobs ... it's really more about who you work with than where you work anyway.