Monday, April 19, 2010

The power of positive thinking

This weekend is my ward's Relief Society retreat.  We're going to some cabin.  There will be hiking.  Junk food.  Presumably some sing-alongs.*

It's not really my bag, but I've spent three months with no friends in Austin.**  Clearly showing up at church and going to two or three activities a month is not going to cut it.

The problem is, I've done this Relief Society retreat thing before, with limited results.  (Read: No results, and some internal seething anger.)  So this time, I'm getting my Secret on (ugh) and envisioning a yay-friends-sunshine-and-puppies-sleepover starting on Monday in hopes of guaranteeing a peppy Friday.

Wish me luck.

* You know, this may just be me getting my Liz Lemon on, but why are grown women having a sleepover?  Not a fan.

** Not technically true.  Amy and I have hung out since she moved here, but I knew Amy in law school.  So no "Austin-made" friends.


  1. Good luck! I think if my ward had an activity like this, I would end up having plans that I just can't get out of that weekend.

  2. Good luck...we did sleepovers in YW but Relief Society chicks?! Like including the 87 year old lady who has known me since birth?!! Uhmmm NO!

  3. I believe in you. Just pretend that everyone else IS you, as in, ask yourself what would YOU want someone to do around you to send the friend signal out loud and clear, and then do it. Did that make sense? Perhaps not. But I applaud your bravery.