Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just threw up in my mouth a little

I like horror films.  I think that scary movies are often written off as being silly or inconsequential, and a lot of them are.  But it's a mistake to think that just because subject matter is "scary," it's also a stupid gorefest. (Sometimes it's a very clever gorefest, but even that depends on your personal tolerance for gore.)  Movies like 28 Days Later are terrifying, and pretty bloody, but definitely not stupid.  Paranormal Activity is terrifying with basically no on-screen violence.  Silence of the Lambs, Jaws, The Sixth Sense, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Let the Right One In ... you see where I'm going with this.   You may not like them personally, but there's no way you could call any of those movies "stupid."

Of course there's also the fairly ridiculous--The Ruins (ooooh, scary plants!)--and the pointlessly gory--Saws II through infinity.  (I'll defend the first Saw, since the twist ending was gold, the concept was only a moderate rip-off of Se7en, and the editing ... well, actually looked like a really low budget music video.  But who doesn't love Danny Glover?)  And then there's the new "torture porn" genre, where the point is not actually to root for the protagonist against the bad guys and/or the awful-situation-in-which-he-or-she-has-now-stumbled-into-but-still-has-some-slim-chance-of-escaping, but rather just watch all the incredibly gross, somewhat realistic, totally horrible things people can do to each other.  I'm not into that personally, partly because of the little part of me that's not spiritually or emotionally dead inside, but mostly just because I find movies without a relatable main character boring.  Oh look, a generically attractive character whose name I have already forgotten just got killed.  Yawn.


I just had to say all that as a preface to what I'm about to say.

I'm hard to offend.  I'm not into "but think of the children!" moralizing.  My shock threshold, for better or worse, is really low.

But I made the mistake today of watching a trailer for what I'm fairly certain is the most morally repugnant movie ever made.  I'm not saying that hyperbolically AT ALL.  I was thisclose to tears by the end of a TWO MINUTE TRAILER and thisclose to throwing up right now just thinking about it.  And like I said--I'M NOT EASILY OFFENDED.  But this movie isn't a cheerful, innocent little gorefest.  This movie is exploits human dignity.

I'm not planning to type the name of this movie because I wouldn't want anyone who accidentally comes across this blog to google it out of morbid curiosity.  I'm totally conflicted about writing about it at all -- I want the three people who read this blog (Hey guys!) to know about this monstrosity so they can avoid it, but I am literally repulsed by the idea that I would even just give it a google hit.

It is going to be released in about two weeks, and I can only hope that the fact that I had never heard of it or a seen a commercial for it before now indicates that audiences and distributors have better taste than these filmmakers obviously do.  Hopefully you'll never hear about it at all.

But since there's already a sequel being made, I sadly doubt it.




  1. WHICH MOVIE IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?

    Also, the book "The Ruins" was SCARY. I didn't see the movie though.

  2. The are ways to post the name without the Google scare [which I find funny!] If the name is The Shining you can type "the name of the movie is the Shinding" now remove the d and that is the real title. Easy and I want to know too. :D

  3. I HAVE to know too! Type the name backwards, someone just did that for the company she works for and I say that is brilliant! I agree with the whole horror movie post part you did I am the same way. I DO THOUGH hate the new trend of NOT making sense or ending it in a way that is just sucky or stupid!

  4. Ok, you guys have persuaded me:

    Edepitnec namuh eht

    But don't say I didn't warn you.

  5. Oh my gosh. I have not heard of this movie yet, so I did watch the trailer. WOW. This is seriously disturbing.

  6. So I came here from Brooke's blog and could obviously not resist watching it. My favorite part is the thing at the end with the rating and all the names where it says "100% medically accurate."

    Just... wow...

  7. Oh No, Oh NO! I should have known if a fellow horror buff said it was sickening, oh my gosh, that is making me gag just thinking about it. I just had to stop, I am serious. I have a bad gag reflex. Okay I know "torture" is IN for some INSANE reason but this is crossing the line. Though one good thing I suppose, Ru, is if I saw this in the video store and it didn't describe it as it REALLY is, I could have rented it and been compulsed to sit through it, so Thank you in a way. I DO not need this ingrained in my brain for all time and eternity!

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