Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad marriage

The Jazz and I have had a long and complicated relationship.  Our best years were 1997-1998.  Since then, things have gone downhill, and we have settled into a comfortable system of passive aggressiveness where I withhold affection and they do nothing to try to win it back.

There are moments, every season, where I am reminded of fonder times gone by, and I look over at the Jazz nostalgically and feel something close to love.

And then sometimes I feel like Don Draper, and despite all my own bad behavior, I just want to scream at my TV, "You selfish, childish, hateful little brat!*"  

But I'm Don Draper, so instead I silently seethe inside as the Jazz implode.

Go Jazz go!

* I totally do not want to say the word "brat."

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