Thursday, April 1, 2010

What the what?

Forewarning: I have no intention of insulting someone else's strongly held spiritual beliefs.  Yes, I have frequently used this blog to mock my beliefs, myself, and other peoples' church-related quirks.  But I think I've stayed just this side of the "Isn't the sacrament prayer so tacky?"* line.  So if I cross that line in the following, my sincerest apologies.

Has anyone out there read The Shack?

After hearing nothing but good things from friends and relatives -- and lots of bad things from fundamentalist ministers in the media, which pleased me to no end -- I bought a copy, but haven't gotten around to reading it until now.

Ummmm ...

Is everyone serious with this? 

My aunt told me she was sobbing within the first fifteen pages.  I've heard other people say it changed their lives, their view of religion, their relationship with God.  "You have to read it, you will love it!"

Granted, I knew it was possible that The Shack was just going to turn out to be 2009's The Secret (oh, and if anyone wants my thoughts on that piece of pseudo-intellectual garbage, feel free to ask), but for some reason I thought, Nah.  This many people can't be wrong.  Especially not friends and relatives that I love and respect.  (Though that many people were wrong about The Secret ...)

I'm almost 80 pages in and I must say, I can get past the fact that it's poorly written.  (Sorry, it is.)  I can get past the insanely dragging plot line.  (Look, we all know the little girl gets kidnapped, it says so on the back and then in the foreward, so for the love, can we just get this kid kidnapped before page 50?)  I can get past some truly hackneyed characterizations.  (Got it, the wife is so spiritual she doesn't refer to God as "God" or even "Heavenly Father" but PAPA.  Oh for Pete's sake ...) 

But if something insanely spiritual doesn't happen soon, I am going to be enraged. 

* I do not actually find the sacrament prayer to be tacky.  I just couldn't think of anything truly blasphemous off the top of my head, which yes, I know, is so not like me.


  1. I haven't even heard of this book yet. I'm either buried in law school or have too many liberal friends.

  2. Yeah, you're not missing out on much :p I guess I'll have to eat my words if I have a St. Augustine moment in the final chapters, but somehow I doubt it.

  3. Never heard of this, is it a story or what...really? And I would LOVE your view on The Secret!!!