Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear labor unions,

I want to love you.

I do.

Who doesn't support collective bargaining?  Who doesn't want employees to be able to negotiate a fair wage and safe working conditions?  Who doesn't want people to have a say about their place of employment?  WHO DOESN'T CRY DURING NEWSIES?

But seriously.

It would help my love if you guys weren't such dicks.

Thanks, bye.

(This is for kids shinin' shoes in the street with no shoes on they feet everyday... )

It's stuck in your head now, too, huh?


  1. Dear Labor Unions- Like France you were once relevant and necessary. Today you just make sure countries like France are all F*$&ed up....

    Love me.....

  2. Dang it. Now I'm all distracted from cramming for Torts. Surely there would be some finals prep value in taking a Disney break, right?

  3. Oh, totally. In fact, I find watching movies during finals studying to be very therapeutic. I must have watched Just Friends five times as I crammed for crim pro.

    (Don't judge me. It's a funnier movie than it looks.)

  4. PS - Alex, it's so, so, so hard for me to admit this ... but I agree with you.

    THOUGH, I have to say, if we could get Congressional reform to (a) make unions liable under anti-monopoly laws and (b) require that union representation be re-voted on at regular intervals, I think unions might go back to being a valuable social asset, instead of just another institution that dicks us over.