Monday, October 17, 2011

Spencer pie

Whenever I let Spence drive with me first without stuffing him inside a cage, eventually he climbs onto my lap.  (I know, danger, blah blah.)  I usually allow this because it's preferable to me strong arming him into the passenger seat while driving with one hand.

I used to think that Spence did this because he loves me and stuff. And then Diego and I took a trip to Home Depot, and within five minutes, Spence was climbing all over Diego.

As it turns out, Spence is just attracted to power.  Vroom vroom!

Home Depot update? Working dryer, still-not-working shower head.


  1. Spence is just too adorable. Plus, if he can't hold the wheel and steer the car, he'll love on the driver :-)

  2. Pretty sure that last picture of the puppy just put your blog's cuteness quota through the roof. Seriously, how is so much cuteness even possible? (I obviously don't spend enough time on cute overload or whatever the blog(s) is(are) about cute little animals.)

  3. I could never do that. I couldn't watch the road and avoid staring at that cute face!