Thursday, October 6, 2011

I know I've said this before, but

I do not like




In case you are wondering, this is what people write to indicate they are doing, except not really.  Much like "LOL" really means "silently smiled to myself," *grins* theoretically means I am grinning right now, but what it really means is "I am happy and/or pleased with myself, and the twitterfication of the English language has led me to abbreviate that sentiment with *grins.*"

But the bigger reason that I dislike *dies* and *grins* is that they are too dramatic. 

Not to pull a Daria here, but really, isn't *shrugs* *mehs* *rolls eyes* *stares blankly and turns back to email* a lot more accurate than *dies*?

To end with the ultimate internet send off: Just sayin.


  1. For some reason "*dies*" doesn't have much of an impact to me at all, but "*grins*" totally gives me the creeps.

    Then again, "Just sayin" never bothered me until it was used in a text by one of my roommates in The Great Screw Alex Out of December's Bills Because We Like, All Totally Went Home for Two Weeks Longer Than She Did So Like, Why Should We Pay At All? fiasco. Now I loathe the phrase.

  2. Oh, ru, so harsh! I like them because they add the body language that's missing in an online "conversation". That's why emoticons can come in handy to take the edge off a comments that, by itself, sound harsh. As a moderator on a forum, I welcome them.

    Sorry they bug you.

  3. Alex - that is so awful! What if you'd gone too, do they think the utilities companies would just be like, "JK, you don't have to pay this month"?

    Donna - ha, it's not as bad as all that. I mean, I hate emoticons too (for the same reason, as well as because I think they are often used passive-aggressively, if that makes sense) but I agree that they can be necessary. I probably should have thrown one in on this post. Never fear, when I say I hate something on the internet, it's about with the same intensity that I say I hate people who cut me off in traffic -- in that, it's genuinely irritating but not a big deal.

  4. Ru- Probably! I like to imagine that they would mail the power & gas companies post-its that said "we're going out of town for Christmas break, so we don't think it's fair to pay you. Just sayin'."
    Aarrg "just sayin."

  5. I don't mind those but for some reason I hate LOL. I will not write it or text it or nothing. No LOL for me.

  6. Melanie - I used to hate LOL and I once avoided it at all times. But I've gotten a bit lazy, and it has worked its way into my IM speak. I hope it doesn't get into texts or blog posts as well ....

  7. I LOVE Daria!!

    I'm totally guilty of using lol and :D too much. I'm not into the *grins* thing.

    Here's my theory.
    Sometimes I'll look over an email, and realize that my sarcasm might be lost, or people might not know I'm just joking, which I normally am, because I have a hard time taking anything too seriously. Now I feel this need to make sure people know I'm not being serious.
    I know. I know.
    I totally used to make fun of me too.

  8. This totally cracked me up. I'm not lying when I say that I only write LOL when I am actually laughing out loud. I feel very strongly about it. :)

  9. I agree with you about *dies*. It's so annoying.