Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our long Amish nightmare is at an end

So in case you were wondering why there was a gap in my bloggage (and of course you were, because this biotch cannot shut up when it comes to the Internet), it turns out I was preoccupied with some housey-house stuff this weekend.

Namely, the fact that my house was 50 degrees all weekend.

Here's how the saga begins.  On Thursday night, it becomes obvious during a reality TV marathon (classy reality TV, for the record -- Heavy, not Keeping Up With The Kardashians) that the furnace is blowing cold air.  Our conclusion that the pilot light was out was correct; however, it was far from the only thing wrong with the furnace.

As it turned out, the gas company never turned on the gas at my house, and I didn't know since I was on autopay at my old apartment and I have no sense of fiscal responsibility because I rarely, if ever, check my online balances (please don't steal my identity, Internet.)  A snarky customer service representative berated me for my lack of foresight (though, to be fair to me, I did ask to have the gas turned on waaaaaaay back in June, and that seems like a boatload of foresight) and told me they could turn the gas on sometime Monday.

Thank goodness I grew up with all those stories of pioneers who froze their footsies off, because otherwise, I think I would have gotten quite hyperbolic over my ordeal of huddling under a comforter with Spence, pointing three space heaters in my direction, and turning on Scream 4 ... only to blow a fuse and be without heat or power.  Curse me for forgetting to buy that Duraflame at the grocery store!

The good thing is, the heat is on (sorta ... that's a longer story altogether) and three days without warmth gave me a lot of personal fortitude. I'm now totes ready that an apocalypse that is non-zombie based (e.g., Cormac McCarthy apocalypse).  I ordered my Dutch oven on Overstock yesterday.*

* Lie.


  1. 50 degrees in the house - yuck! Mine went the opposite route the other week, some sort of sensor broke and the heat wouldn't turn off. It was about 90 in my apartment.

  2. Oh dear! So glad you have your heat back and that you're ready for the non-zombie apocalypse:)

  3. Gas companies frustrate me to no end, and it doesn't seem like there is much choice in the matter. ARRRGH! Glad you got the heat going again :)

  4. I had a friend that wouldn't turn the heat on until Thanksgiving. So they would have something to be thankful for.

  5. I would probably have died of cold and worry in the first ten minutes.

    Or killed myself trying to light the pilot light.

  6. Ugh! No fun! Glad you got it back on but yeah, of course it wasn't the company's fault for not turning it on when asked.

    Of course. ;)

  7. Yuck. A couple winters ago the place we lived at never had heat- through the whole winter. Needless to say, we had aweful landlords >:(

    Glad to hear you're not stuck without heat!

    The Warm Fuzzies Blogfest is coming up. I'm hoping you'll be there!