Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, at least I always pay my debts

I generally enjoy being a lawyer, but at times, it can be tricky.

Today on our walk, Spence and I were stopped by a neighbor who asked, "Ru, aren't you a lawyer?"

(As an FYI, these interactions never end well.  No one ever says, "Are you a lawyer?  Have a pony!")

My neighbor (who I like) asked me if I could recommend some property attorneys so she could sue our other neighbors (who I also like).  I stood there awkwardly, trying to sound appropriately sympathetic-but-still-indifferent as she explained how some recent construction had negatively impacted water runoff onto her property, and wondering if I could respond to a tale of a flooding basement with, "You know, I'm new in this neighborhood, and I'd really like to avoid making waves."

The only fun part of this interaction was when she looked at me solemnly and said, "Winter is coming."

(So ... am I a Lannister in this scenario?)


  1. Gah, not good. I feel for you. I have a paralegal degree and worked in a court (way back B.K.), and I still get those questions. At least I get to fall back on, "I'm sorry, I'm not a lawyer. The Bar Association has a hotline listed in the phone book." Yeesh. Good luck with that. (Helpful, right?)

    Oh, and yes, you are Lannister. ;)

  2. Oh man, not good. I do not envy you in those situations. It's funny how people don't even realize they may be putting you on the spot. :P Good luck!

  3. Definitely a situation where you can say "why don't you ask your insurance agent?" because it sounds totally helpful (and probably will be), but you're so off the hook. (Also, my former boss, an insurance agent, was always getting chatted up at church by people who wanted advice without actually going into the office.)
    You'd think people would want to avoid doing this sort of thing to their neighbors, but then again, it sure is convenient...

  4. my husband's a prosecutor. He pretty much dumped any kind of law he learned in law school that doesn't pertain to his job, and still people call, and still people ask. And yeah. No one's ever offered him a pony either.

  5. Like Jolene's husband, I constantly fall back on "I don't practice that type of law--and don't really remember much from law school." Only I'm in defense. (Put yer dukes up, Jolene's husband!)

    Of course, anyone with a criminal defense question.... :/

  6. Tricky situation to be in! But maybe we can all dream of a world where the words "Are you a lawyer?" are indeed followed by "Have a pony!".

  7. Caitlin - hahaha, what a world that would be! :)

  8. I don't understand why people's first instinct is so often to hire a lawyer.