Saturday, January 12, 2013

You know what's weird?

Checking your blog stats ... and finding out you get A LOT of* traffic from a private blog. That you do not have permission to see.

I cast a side-eye at you, mysterious blog owner ...

* Edited on 1/31/13 -- to be clear, getting one or two hits from a person's personal, private blog is no biggie. Getting 20 all of the sudden from a mystery blog is icky.


  1. I don't think it's me. Or is it...?
    haha Just kidding.
    That is a little strange, though.

  2. Private blog. Guilty. Would you kindly explain why it's strange? I found your blog through several acquaintances from law school. I first started reading when you blogged about the whole debacle with the Mormon Bachelor Pad. I like what you have to say and how you say it.

    I'll let most anybody who asks into my blog. I had a rash of creepers who left weird/offensive comments, and now that I've had a kid I don't like having pictures of him out there for any random person on the web to see.

    I'm sorry it bugs you that my blog is private but it's staying that way. I can unsubscribe if that's preferable. No hard feelings.

    1. I'm not sure it was you, and of course you're welcome to stay. I'm not bagging on private blogs at all.

      I am wondering why a private blog would send me 20 independent viewers in one week, and then an immediate drop afterward. The logical conclusion is that someone wrote, "Check out this thing over on this girl's blog!" and then their readers clicked over. Or that they're a spammer, and the reason why I keep getting spambots trying to comment on my blog. It's annoying.

      It's one thing to have a blog roll or something on your blog, which generally maybe results in 2-3 clicks, or to have someone in your subscription, which results in 1, but to direct a decent amount of traffic over when there's no way for me to click over and find out why (did they think I was funny? did they think I was some giant jerk? are they a robot?) is kind of sketchy, in my opinion.

      That's all :)

    2. Ah. I mentioned your post on people and kids and fireworks, not so much as a critique but my thoughts about how society thinks of kids in general. I linked over in case people wanted to read the original.

      For the record, you're welcome to read the post and my blog in general. It's more about having a spam/troll-free zone and keeping tabs on who's reading.

    3. And I promise my readers aren't icky. I'd actually totally forgotten about the blog post when I first responded. Sorry. I haven't been very active on my private blog for awhile as there hasn't been much newsworthy going on these days. :)

      The people who read my blog are almost exclusively family and friends. I have one or two quasi-acquaintances. So don't feel icky. All is well. :)

    4. Sorry for my many responses. When I initially read this, I misunderstood what you meant by "a lot of traffic," too. I thought you meant that one private blog reader spends a lot of time on here, which is a bit of an exaggeration but I do read most of your posts. :) If you email me at, I can add you as a reader or I'm happy to copy the text of the blog post that mentions your post. I'm not creepy and I'm not a robot!