Saturday, January 26, 2013

checkin in

So I have been a terrible blogger lately. Not just a terrible blogger, but a terrible writer.

Terrible beta reader.

Terrible house-keeper.

So-so dog owner.

Still a good friend.

And a bang up lawyer. (See a pattern?)

January, February, and March are the busiest months at my work. I have a lot of fun work-related tales, actually, but none of them are blog appropriate.

With--yikes!--five days left in January, I have a few mini goals.

1. Finish beta reading Project F
2. Finish beta reading Projects D & K
3. Finish an essay for a friend's project
4. Finish my application packets for two local publishers (yay!)

And then take a writing break until March 31st.


  1. Good Luck! Sometimes life intervenes...

  2. Get those mini-goals done! And I bet you're doing better at beta reading, house-keeping, dog-owning than you think; we're always our own worst critics.