Friday, June 24, 2011

Trixie has "chronic organization issues"

While I've been packing up my apartment, I've been watching Hoarders on Netflix.  It's fascinating.

But I must say, I get pretty annoyed that people with crap piled hell to breakfast somehow manage to have long-term relationships.  What character trait was it, do you think, that made up for the flaw of "cat skeletons in the attic"?


  1. Perhaps it's not a really great character trait so much as they both have a weird flaw that they can both get over? Or maybe they were together before the hoarding started.
    A good question, though. Hmm. How does that happen?

  2. Oh man, I had to quit watching Hoarders after I watched the episode where the family goes to the bathroom in plastic bags. The kicker for me was that, instead of tossing the bags out, they stored them in a corner of their house. Have you seen that episode? Not good.

  3. Does make you wonder, doesn't it?

  4. My aunt is a severe hoarder. Worse than most of the people I've seen on that show. And although I don't know everything that goes on in her marriage, from what I've heard the hoarding developed over the first few years of their marriage. So my uncle married her before he knew about it. Then as Mormons and just as a generally nice and upstanding guy, I think he felt obligated to make the marriage work in any way he could. So their house is barely navigable, he's had to delay retirement because of her compulsive shopping debts and any attempt he or the family makes to clean or to get her to clean is met with exactly the type of behavior you see on those shows...

  5. Abby - No, I haven't gotten there yet, but I have seen the elderly woman who tied herself to a medical toilet at night so she wouldn't fall into her trash. :(

    Di - That makes sense. I know some people with hoarding tendencies as well, and it is pretty much impossible to make them clean up. I sympathize with people like your uncle who stay out of obligation, but know that I couldn't do it. What kills me though is when people on the show admit they started dating AFTER the hoarding began and were well aware of what was going on.




  6. I was on the verge of becoming a hoarder when I found myself with school work from every class I took. I moved twice and finally got rid of everything I didn't need. Phew! They were neatly filed away though.

    Good luck with your move and with the discarding of things you "probably" don't need.