Monday, June 20, 2011

Shameful? Perhaps.

I'll be honest, as I've been transforming my new house from a 2-bed/1-bath into a 3-bed/2-bath, I've thought to myself, "Self, you should photo document this process.  It will be great for posterity, and ideally you'll be able to think of clever captions for the photos. Laughter will ensue. As an ulterior motive, you will probably get some nice compliments on your exquisite taste."

I think I made a brilliant argument, so while I washed and primed and painted and sanded and argued* and ripped, I would often think, "I should take a picture of this."

And then I would realize that between washing, priming, painting, sanding, arguing and ripping, taking a picture would just be a giant pain in my ass -- forget about taking a good picture. I give you Exhibit A:

Notice - the green looks blotchy because the chandelier is throwing weird shadows, the slate gray paint still looks wet, you can see gaps up near the ceiling, and would it have killed me to move the trash out of the shot?  
And this is the best picture my phone can produce.

So while I have no pictures to share, I do have a few insights.

1. People who have a lot of pictures of projects on their blogs probably didn't do much work on them. 

Likeliest scenario?  Their significant other did all the heavy lifting while they snap-snap-snapped! away with their digital camera.

2. The degree to which I hate these people in the future will surely depend on how I currently feel about my own projects. 

Case in point:  I am currently covered with green, gray and white paint that doesn't seem to want to wash off no matter how much I shower. 

So everyone who was "inspired" by the Anthropologie/Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware/Urban Outfitters catalog, then ordered their husbands to purchase these various and sundry items to artfully arrange them while they took pictures for posterity/witty captions/compliment bait?  They can go straight to hell.

But next week, when this is all finished? 

I imagine the worst I will feel will be mild annoyance, and at best mild admiration.

* There's always arguing.  Don't question it.


  1. 1: I really like your front door. And the green walls. I grew up in a beige house. It is no surprise that when my parents finally let my sister and I chose paint colors for our rooms that I picked sky blue.

    2: I could never, ever have my (soon to be) husband do all the decorating work in our home. I'm way, way too much the kind of person who has to do it herself. It took a long time for me to be able to stand cooking with someone else, let alone enjoy it (I decided after all that work, I better marry him. I joke..a little.) I don't understand how someone could do it, but I guess those people put more importance on having a cute blog and less on having their house done the right way...I mean...the way they envisioned it and worked for. Yeah.

  2. Bravo! To hell with those do-it-yourselfers. Here's the hand basket.

  3. good luck in your adventure of remodeling

    Everyday Life

  4. I really like the colors, and I enjoy seeing the random stuff strewn about. It's proof that you've been working. :-)

  5. I wonder the same thing about cooking blogs. I love to cook and have thought about posting pictures, but when I'm up to my elbows in flour is when a camera sounds as impractical as it gets.

    And I have yet to understand all these bloggers who are "inspired" by random objects. It makes me wonder, am I less creative because a picture of a crack in the sidewalk or a silhouette of something on my wall doesn't inspire me? Is it appropriate to be inspired by Batman, or are only cutesy objects viable? If any of this "inspiration" inspires me to clean I need to get some of it stat.