Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pretty much plan to detail all my house adventures for ya'll

So were you all wondering how little old Ru was going to cope with the decisions surrounding buying a house?

The answer is, "Not well." 

In addition to realizing I have an affinity for double-ovens and gratitude for my house angel Eugene, this whole life-changing experience business has given me new insight into my soul and psyche.  And if you know anything about me at all, you know I'm not a fan of insight.

But hey, here is the first of what I am sure to be many personal revelations. 

I have an inability to commit to an inability to make good decisions

One should only be allowed one of two character flaws: anal-retentiveness or indecisiveness.  I, unfortunately, have both.

In one given hour meeting with the contractor, ("D") I will both leave several decisions up to his best judgment and waffle on whether I want a shower pan or tiled floor of the shower.  (FYI, I think I've almost-definitely settled on shower pan.  Mostly because it's cheaper.  Even though the tile I want for the surround is, naturally, super expensive and who knows how that will look with the acrylic shower pan?  Maybe I want the tile ...)

Do I care about thicknesses and techniques and grades?  Not really.  But I am very committed to keeping access to the creepy hidey-hole in the basement and not scratching the cement.


  1. We are house shopping right now and it's very stressful. I'm a terrible decision maker and so at first I thought I'd leave everything up to my husband. As it turns out he has terrible taste and absolutely zero common sense when it comes to things like this. Therefore, buying a house is going to provide me with a really big growth opportunity. Yay (but not really).

    Anyway, I don't know if it matters but the shower pan will be infinitely easier to clean than the tile. Grout is the devil.

  2. Good luck!

    If it helps, you're not the only completely disfunctional, can't-ever-make-a-solid-decision-to-save-her-life lawyer out there.

    Which is probably why I haven't bought a house yet.

  3. Oh man, I've been there. And just to give you something else to think about, I'll tell you that anything tile is harder to clean. I have a fiberglass one-piece shower and I love it... no moldy grout, and super easy to clean. Also, if you have the option... use greenboard in the bathroom instead of regular sheetrock. All that condensation does ugly things to regular sheetrock! Just be grateful your bathroom won't look like this:

  4. We built our first house and I was the same way. I had my ideas stuffed nicely in my head but everything caused me to question it and I just couldn't be sure.
    Good luck, I hope you can have some fun out of it. It may be stressful but the result is well worth it:)

  5. Thanks you guys! I think things will work out. Of course, it will be really funny and lots of blog fodder if it doesn't. Either way, win-win. :)