Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vaya con Dios

For whatever reason, deciding between my new job and my current job was really tough for me.  For a week, I agonized over a decision that presumably shouldn't have been a tough call.

But since then, a thousand little things have happened that have made me sure that I was right.

I found a new apartment in the blink of an eye.

My landlord let me out of my current lease without any fuss.

Everyone I have told at my current job congratulated me.

And today at church, the new Relief Society first counselor called me out in the hall to unceremoniously kick me out of my ward. 

I don't know what annoyed me most about that.  The fact that she asked, "Are you Ru?" even though we've had at least three conversations, including one where I was her visiting teacher.  The fact that she deprived me of my "I'm leaving, bitches!" moment.  The fact that after she said somewhat-callously, "You're not in our ward anymore" and I told her I was moving anyway, she got really sweet and asked, "Oh, do you need any help?"

No ma'am.  No, I don't. 

On the plus side, this is going to make it really easy to play the church-records shuffle in my new town.


  1. Wait..kick you out? What kind of funky formalities do they have going on in *Austin*? They actually not who is and who is not in the ward and send a watchdog to inform them?

  2. Well, I guess they changed the ward boundaries or something at Christmas. I was pretty sure I was fine, and then I started planning to move anyway so I didn't care. Apparently my address is now in the super-ghetto south/west "Austin" ward (I'm sure the ward is fine, the area is ghetto) that was just created a month or so ago and this rando girl took it upon herself to give me the old heave-ho, haha. Magnifying her calling, I suppose. ;)

    Really, it's just one more sign that it's time to haul anchor.

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