Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like the fact that I'm shallow is coming as a shock to any of you

I love this song.

Unfortunately, the guy's hats (yes, both of them ... wait for the ending) ruin the video for me.  I know country is always trying to move away from the Stetson stereotype, but that's no reason to go the tool route. 

The fact that he's also wearing two necklaces and a leather bracelet on each wrist is just icing on the cake.  It's taking me back (taking me back) to my junior high obsession with Creed. 

(What?  Don't act like you were too cool for Creed.)


  1. I am not too cool for Creed, simply too old. heehee [Not really, but let's not embarrass my children since some of the are your age.]

    I get the whole "tool route" with this video.

    It's like Frank Sinatra does Garth Brooks.

    The hat kills it for me.

  2. Can I just say that it is the way the hat is worn that makes one a douche and not the hat itself?

    When I wear my fedora with a Brooks Brothers suit and camel hair top coat there is no way it can look the same as some Train listening to jack wagon wearing one with a skin tight Affliction t-shirt.

    Rant Over...well tabled.

  3. Can I also point out the ridiculousness of the chick wearing ballet slippers outside. Not ballet slipper-esque shoes, actual slippers. Any girl who ever even dabbled in childhood dance knows those wouldn't hold up walking around outside. . .not to mention they really don't go with her dress.
    I'm going to keep listening to this song on the CD and pretend a video was never discovered.