Sunday, January 2, 2011

And my love of The Bachelor comes full circle

Little known fact about me: The very first season of The Bachelor that I watched was the Bachelor Brad season.   You know, the guy who enraged millions by not proposing to anyone at the end of the show?  (Because it's just unfathomable that maybe he realized he didn't love either one of them ...) 

The guy who set off the now infamous DeAnna-Jason-Jillian-Jake-Ali* chain of reality TV incestuosity and indirectly contributed to a win by Melissa Something on Dancing With the Stars

The guy who is back for a second go-round TOMORROW?

There's so much to love about this.

1. The fact that Brad claims he has gone through some "intense therapy" to resolve his commitment issues.  (Brad, see above where I pointed out your decision was completely reasonable, if a little douchily executed?  No therapy needed.)

2. The fact that Brad is 38, and all but two of his 25 potential love matches are in their early- to mid-twenties.  I thought you wanted to make it work this time, buddy.

(Tangent!) I have to say, as someone who is 26, I would be a smidge skeeved out by a 38 year old hitting on me.  Even a 38 year old who looks like Bachelor Brad.**  And to be clear, someone who looks like Bachelor Brad would not be hitting on me, since I am not that hot.  (And I'm ok with it, because fortunately I've got big boobs and nice hair, and that combination can be mistaken for hot if you play your cards right.)  But I maintain--hearing the words "I can remember the Carter years" is just a little wacky to someone who can barely remember the Bush I years. 

3. The fact that the commercials feature Brad getting slapped, Brad carrying someone out of a burning building, and Brad hugging someone with a voice over saying, "I just can't love him back."  (Which, as anyone who has watched more than one season of The Bachelor can attest, almost certainly will not actually happen on this season of The Bachelor.) 

4. The return of Chris Harrison to my TV and Entertainment Weekly reading.  Oh Chris.  You're so sincere.  And so naive.  I wish I could consult you before all my big decisions too, even if you are only 2:20 thus far.***

* Am I the only one who forgets about British Bachelor ALL THE TIME just because he wasn't dumped by Brad, or dumped by someone who was dumped by Brad, or dumped by somebody who was dumped by somebody who was dumped by Brad, ad nauseum ad infinitem?

** I've heard the claims that he's not  hot, and I wonder if these are people who just ended a long-term relationship with Javier Bardem or something.  Seriously?  The man is conclusively hot, as evidenced by the fact that ABC chose him TWICE to headline one of their major franchises.  The people have spoken.

*** To get to 2, I'm giving a half point to Jason-Molly, since he did dump the girl he picked only to pick his runner-up within a reasonable amount of time, and a half point to Ali-Roberto, since they haven't broken up yet.  Let's cross our fingers for Ali and Roberto, people!

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  1. I haven't watched this in years, but the entertainment factor is undeniable. Your post confirms it. Thanks for the reminder. Too funny.

    PS - I met my husband when I was 27 and he was 38 - maybe I am an old soul - but it has worked for the past 16 years so I wouldn't discount older men - especially as yummy as Brad [if he has a brain - then again he is on the Bachelor] and my husband.