Thursday, January 6, 2011


My apologies to my four male readers.

Let's talk about headbands for a minute, shall we?

I am a fan of the headband.  Not ashamed.

But what is the DEAL with some of them?  Who is putting giant flowers, Eiffel Towers and octupi on their heads?

I like this one because it's saying what we're all thinking.

Now, this attitude may stem from the fact that at my work (current and even more so in the future) I am headband-limited.  Headbands certainly aren't banned, but it would be a big stretch to say they were encouraged.  Maybe I just have headband envy.  (I certainly have tinsel extension envy.  Damn, I want some sparkly extensions ...) 

But I just think we may be reaching a critical mass level on the headband front.  Not the amount of people wearing headbands, although that is getting bananas.  But the things we're seeing ON the headbands and the SIZE of the headbands -- yikes.  At these rates, soon the hipster girls will be wearing ironic burkas and the rest will just go out and buy what they've been itching to wear this entire time: tiaras. 

(In my opinion, this is more of a going-to-Costco-on-a-Saturday tiara.)


  1. Apology accepted. I have nothing to comment except to say "I enjoy velvet headbands." I think it may have something to do with a smoldering crush on Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Learn something new everyday. Tinsel extensions. Really - damn. And me with Christmas just past.

    I can't wear headbands because they give me a headache. Yes, I am admitting to having a fathead. It's genetic. I swear.

  3. "At these rates, soon the hipster girls will be wearing ironic burkas"

    I did a spit take at that line. Partially because my husband upon first seeing all those checkered thin scarves that are so popular among hipsters asked, "What's up with all these hipster burqas?"

  4. There is an awesome part in season 5 of FNL (just wait, my dear, just wait) where Mindy and her awesome skanky friends talk to Becky about how hot tiaras are, and it is fantastic.

  5. Oh FNL ... how I miss you ...

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