Friday, September 14, 2012


I was so delighted that so many people entered for a 50-page critique that I thought, "I can't just let choose only one of these people" -- so I decided to pick three extras.*

Congratulations to TAMARA, who will get a 50-page critique!

And the runners up, HEATHER M BRYANT, JESS SCHIRA, and JENNA (of Jenna and Ashley) will each get a 20-page critique.

Congrats, ladies! Feel free to email me your pages at theadventuresoflawyergirl (at) gmail if you see this post before I get a chance to email you.

Thanks so much to everyone who spread the word. This contest was so fun and I'm stoked to read pages from some new friends, so to everyone who didn't win, never fear, I'll definitely be doing this again next month.

Have an awesome weekend, and go Utes!

* (even though so few of you bothered to come up with good BYU jokes - shame, shame)


  1. Yay for Tamara! After how busy she's been this past week, she deserves this.

    And Yay for Ru for doing three partials. You are simply fabulous, I'll send mine out today.

  2. I know some great UofU jokes.... :) (Okay, actually I don't.)