Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geek out with me, if you will

I bet you read the Harry Potter books, didn't you? And saw all the movies? Probably a few times each.

It's very different when you're cramming for a quiz on them. A bit like college, actually. Every detail suddenly seems like something you should remember.

Do you remember the four types of dragons in the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire? Do you remember which champion got which dragon?

What was the name of the witch Hermione impersonated to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic in Deathly Hallows? What was her job?

What's Ron's middle name?

What school did Dudley attend? What school would Harry have gone to if he hadn't gone to Hogwarts? And what school did the Dursleys tell people he went to?

What is a budgerigar, anyway?

As my friend just said on IM ... I feel like Ron Weasley before a History of Magic test.

If you have any random Harry Potter facts you'd like to share, please, lay them on me.


  1. This is some very impressive geeking out. So much so that I'd almost like to come watch the quiz competition and revel in the nerdery.

  2. Wow. I thought I was a Harry Potter geek. Apparently I am not geek enough.

    I do remember that Weasleys Wizard Wheezes was located at 93 Diagon Alley. And that the Burrow was near St. Ottery Catchpole.

    Ooh, and Fred and George's birthday is April 1st and Hermione's patronus is an otter.

  3. Yanno, I didn't know the answer to a single one of those trivia questions. *feels Potter-dumb*

  4. I LOVE Harry Potter. Best post ever! Okay...hmmm, random fact about Harry Potter.

    JK Rowling chose number four for Privet Drive because four always seemed like an unfriendly, unforgiving number. And little Whinging means whiny and unpleasant in some other language. (I forget which one)

    McGonagal (did I spell that right?) was once in love with a muggle but, knowing it wouldn't work out, she broke her heart and left him behind to take her post at Hogwarts. In her later years, she finally married a man who'd been wooing her forever. They were extremely happy together until he died. Albus found her upset in her classroom, stopped to talk to her and that was when they truly bonded.

    Quirrel thought he could control Voldemort when he met him again. He was originally looking for him merely to have say he'd found him, or to possibly try to kill him. But he was too weak and Voldemort, even in his reduced form, took over his soul almost immediately.

    There. I'm done. Enough? haha.

    Anyway, I'm just hopping around to the GUTGAA blogs to say hi to everyone.I got so inspired by all the great blogs on here that I finally decided to start one. i'd love it if you'd stop by!! It's brand spanking new and in desperate need of follwers--especially a fellow Harry Potter fan!!!haha.

    Good luck with GUTGAA!

  5. Hahahaha I read all of the Harry Potter books, but I think I'd fail on the details. :-D

  6. I dream in Harry Potter when I am amidst my annual reading.