Monday, September 17, 2012

How to visit a baby

Do you, like me, sometimes find yourself awkwardly wondering what you're supposed to do with a baby? Particularly the baby of dear friends?

Have no fear.

Do you currently have, or ever had, a beloved pet?

Treat the baby like that pet.

"Ooooh, who's a cute baby?!" "Look at how smart you are!" "Good job, baby!"

And do not--I repeat, do not --bring anyone along who can figure out what you're doing.

Like I did this weekend, as I congratulated my friend Sadie's baby on snuggling down ("Awww, look at who found a good spot?") only to have Diego blurt out, "Are you treating the baby like Spence?"


  1. As someone who sometimes wonders "what am I supposed to DO with you" when chilling with her five month old, I can testify that this is true. I treat her like my cats all the time. This means she gets lots of snuggles and praise, so I win! Mom of the Year!


    I find myself in this situation way too much. The Boy's sister just had a baby and whenever they pass him off to me, they all have a good old laugh at how awkward it is. I would so do your advice but I'll have to wait until The Boy's not around. He's sure to ruin it for me.

    Also, in much thanks for being all around awesome, I left you a little something on my blog :)

  3. I think all babies look like Orin Hatch and tend to act like goldfish.

  4. Usually I get caught when I start trying to make them play fetch (which they love almost as much as pets do, btw).