Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for apologies in advance

(I know I'm cheating with this post, but what the internet doesn't know won't hurt it.)

I greatly enjoyed the A-Z Challenge last year.  I found a lot of new blogs and a lot of new bloggers found me.  But since then, I have discovered one of a few downsides to blogging.

The follower function.

More followers made me happy.

Fewer followers made me sad.

And paranoid.

And a little resentful.

What I had done to make them follow me and then un-follow me?  Was it posting too much, or not enough? Was it that post or this one that made them annoyed enough to delete me from their daily reads?

I've finally gotten to the point where I don't really care.  Follow me, unfollow me, it doesn't matter.  I write this because I enjoy it, and the fact that I think some other people enjoy it as well is just a nice bonus.

Here's where the advance apologies come in.

I suspect that over the course of April, I will gain some new followers. And I will find some new blogs to follow. But there won't be a perfect overlap.

Yes, sometimes I get a new follower and I don't immediately click on their blog to find out who they are. First, some of you have made that surprisingly difficult by not linking your blog to your picture anyway. Second, sometimes I'm just forgetful.

And third, yes, sometimes I read your blog, and as appreciative as I am that you think I am amusing or interesting enough to follow, I just don't think your blog is my cup of tea.

I follow a boatload of blogs as is, folks. I never get a chance to read all of them every week, and as a blogger who has hit critical mass, I am a little pickier at this point on who I choose to follow back.

So if you are planning to follow me just to get me to follow you, I'm sorry, you really shouldn't bother.  The likelihood of it happening hovers around 25 percent, and that will probably decrease over time.

(Feel free to seethe here. And then read on, please.)

But if you really do think that your blog is a gem that I have merely overlooked, don't get bashful about it. Comment on my blog.  Tell me to go look at yours. If you were willing to unfollow me over my faux pas, shouldn't you be willing to say, "Hey missy! My blog is the cat's pajamas and you are missing out!"

Then I guarantee I will click over, and if it's as spanking and awesome as you think, then I'll probably think so too. And when and if that happens, you will gain another follower too. Yay for everyone!

But little heads appearing and disappearing under my followers tab?

Doesn't get my panties in a twist anymore.


  1. I won't say that I completely ignore the heads that pop up or disappear, but once I realized that I enjoyed doing the blog more than I leaned on the number of followers, I just focused on that.

    I follow back when I can and usually don't follow with the expectation of being followed back. Wonder if that makes me weird? Hmm...

    I can't say my blog's the cat's pajamas since my Chipmunk is allergic to cat dander. We found that out the hard way. Just say no to Mittens.

    I follow this blog with one expectation, that you'll publish your posts whenever you do, but that's just because I enjoy your style. But again, that's just me and again, I'm probably a weird one.

    1. I hope you're not a weird one, because that's how I've been deciding how to manage following blogs, too.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Cuuuuuz I ain't no follow back girl!

  3. I'm totally not offended if you don't follow me back. In fact, I kind of hope you don't. My blog is complete nonsense. But I do appreciate yours like a mutha: keeps me entertained during macroeconomics time. :)

  4. Patty - haha, I literally l'd o l.

    Crystal - glad I could help. Sounds rough :)

  5. I don't care if you follow me. My blog isn't all that cool--my in-laws read it, and they are some of my most hilarious material, so all that funny material is off limits. The rest of my life is BORING.

  6. I do plan on following yours because I appreciate your style and honesty. To each their own, right?

  7. Amen. I just can't follow everyone for the sake of following. I have to have a life away from the computer so that I have something to write about.

  8. I just followed your blog (from the A to Z challenge) and I get what you're saying. When I first started I followed a ton of blogs to get rolling, but I'm pretty selective now. Mostly because I can't keep up with them all.

  9. Hi! I found you on the A to Z blog hop today and I'm totally digging your blog! I'll be commenting on other posts after this. Just wanted to introduce myself first...

    I am now following you and would totally love if you followed me back, but only if you genuinely want to. I think we have a lot in common but I'm not sure if that comes out in my writing as obviously as it does in yours. I'm also a geek, love books, writing and so on. I'm much newer to blogging, though. This is my first A to Z challenge. :)

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