Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Leuly

My sister Echo (not her real name, we've discussed this before, yes? email me if you need her real name) works at a new company called Leuly. Leuly creates websites for businesses that are easy to update yourself -- so no outsourcing your day-to-day web needs. Leuly sets everything up for you, teaches you how to use it, and lets you roam free, free as a bird!

If you or anyone you know has some website-creatin needs (established businesses as well as those looking to start one, like a writer wanting to promote your work or a new college graduate thinking of alternatives to slaving away for the man), contact Leuly, follow them on Twitter (@leulyweb) or like them on Facebook. Right now they're giving away various free service to loyal followers in an effort to build up their clientele, so toady up!


  1. This is a great service. Maybe when I get more official I'll look into them. ;0)

  2. Echo? Cool not-real-name to have. What’s her not-real-middle-name?

  3. Her real name is just as awesome as Echo. Feel free to contact us with questions if you need assistance with your site.