Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to my hovel

Don't ever let anyone tell you home ownership isn't hard. 

Recently I decided to rewire the Casa so it wouldn't burn down on top of us.  You would think this would be a fairly simple, though time-intensive, process.

Or maybe you, unlike me, already know better.

So far the electrician has been out to my house six times.  Once to evaluate the house.  Twice to rewire the basement.  Once to rewire the attic.  Again, to continue rewiring the attic.  One more time to do some more stuff (I'm not sure what).

And he's coming back today.

The best part of having your house rewired (aside from the giant mess the electricians leave behind for you to clean up) is when the new wiring overpowers the old wiring and the ceiling electricity goes out all weekend.  Notice I said "ceiling electricity." So lamps and TVs work, but you better get used to showering and cooking in the dark, because my bathroom and kitchen are death traps without light. 

Last night I made spicy Thai noodles for myself, Diego, Hannah and Echo before The Bachelor came on.  We had to pull a shadeless lamp into the kitchen so I could cook by the light of one bulb. 

It looked like we were Romanian refugees.

I want to go to there.


  1. Oh bummer! That's why, even though I know I should, I'm putting off buying a house. I like being able to call up my landlord and say 'this needs fixing' and they fix it :)

    But good for you for doing the right thing by your house!

  2. yucky! I hope everything gets fixed soon. It sucks to not have things working right.

  3. Well, it gave a chance to create ambience? Maybe?

    Just hope things get straightened out soon...very soon.

  4. I am SO WITH YOU. I tell everyone I know not to buy a house. There are not only the homeowner duties, but the fact that if you want to move, it's gonna cost you 6% of your house's value plus closing costs (so around 10K for us) to get out of there, and that's assuming you're not underwater.


  5. Didn't watching Scotch howl heal some of the electro-hatred!!

  6. Shame! I hope that your electric woes end soon. :-)