Thursday, January 12, 2012

On my high-horse again

If there's one thing that really, really bugs me, it's false self-righteousness when it comes to entertainment.

(I know my biggest pet peeve should be sexism or racism or systemic poverty, but I am shallow.  I also don't like bad drivers.)

Do you see that little rating there on the corner of the DVD box?  It either says G, PG, PG-13, or R?  If it says R, don't watch it and then complain about its content. 

If you decide to watch The Hangover and then get offended, you're an idiot.  Worse, I suspect you were secretly looking forward to the opportunity to talk about how you don't really find crude humor that funny the entire time.

It's The Hangover.  It's one of the highest-grossing movies of the last few years.  It has a sequel.  It's set in Las Vegas and it's about a bachelor party gone horribly wrong.  Everyone was talking about it constantly two summers ago. Also, just in case you missed allllll that, there's this thing called THE INTERNET that you can use to find out information about a movie.

So how did you not know there were going be swear words and dirty jokes and nudity in The Hangover before you watched it?

Did you, perhaps, deliberately ignore all the signs that suggested this movie was not for you?

Good people of the Internet, if you have certain requirements of your entertainment -- if you don't like cursing, or violence, or nudity, or lists*, or unnecessary makeovers, or shopping montages -- just GOOGLE first. And if a movie has those things, don't watch it and then complain.

Thank you. 

* Mostly unrelated to movies, Diego's pet peeve in songs is when singers make lists.  I know it's random, but since he mentioned it, I can stop noticing it.  Prime example is Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling": Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday.  Closely related is "International Love," which is basically a travelogue.  "Wait, women in Greece are sweet, Pitbull?  And women in Lebanon are, pardon the pun, 'the bomb'? Tell me more!"

It's going to drive you bonkers now, too. Don't worry, I'll tell Diego thanks for you.

PS - having an additional clarifying thought, post-hitting-publish-button:

I enjoy some films and TV that can be violent or vulgar, depending on the film or TV show.  I don't judge people who share this opinion, or people who choose to stay away from that kind of entertainment altogether. Whatever floats your boat, man.

My issue is with people who either want to have it both ways (the fun of watching something naughty combined with feeling high-minded because you later condemned it ... after watching, of course), or the people who couldn't be bothered to investigate beforehand. 


  1. Amen.

    I also get really irritated with entertainment snobs. Oh, you watch *insert high-brow show here* and make fun of people who like VH1 specials? How nice, now hold still while I punch you in the face. Liking something different doesn't make you better than me. Now leave me alone while I watch Gossip Girl.

  2. Excellent point. Not everyone likes crude humor, but those who don't sure do like to feel superior to those who do.

  3. Lauren - hahaha, so true. Television snobs (or people who allegedly "don't watch television") are the worst.