Tuesday, November 1, 2011

reevaluating childhood memories

Last night was Halloween, as you all know, and my first as a "grown up."

See, I don't think you experience adult Halloween until you're the person giving away your own candy.  And I have to say ... it didn't go well.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work only to find the shelves stripped bare.  I clutched the remaining six bags I could find (two packages of Laffy Taffy, one package each of Butterfingers, Reeses, Baby Ruths, and tropical Starburst.  And not the Starbursts that come two-to-an-individualized wrapper.  Regular Starburst.  I was desperate.) 

Of course, this grossly underestimated the amount of children my house would receive, and around 7:45, I found myself running to a different grocery store to replenish my stash.  (And this was after dumping a box of granola bars and Fruit Roll Ups I found in our cupboards into the bowl.)

This grocery store wasn't much better off, but I got two bag of Crunch bars, a fistful of Airheads, and ... wait for it ...

A bag each of York Peppermint Patties and Werther's Originals. 

Old lady candy. 

Suddenly I find myself very sympathetic to those jerks who handed me a single tiny Tootsie roll as a child. Literally, at one point I considered, "Should I start handing out warm cans of Diet Coke?"

So all around, a very illuminating Halloween.

PS, the best costume I saw?  Four-year-old girl as Steve Jobs.  Black turtleneck, round glasses, and an iPhone was all it took.

Tune back in tomorrow for Round Two of Halloween Wrap Up ... ALL THE COSTUMES I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF LAST WEEK!


  1. When I was a kid, I would have loved to get that old lady candy. They're some of my favorites...and I usually got them from my grandparents. Haha
    Now I know why the store I work at sells huge $16 bags of candy (I had no idea they came in that size/cost!).

  2. LOL! We don't get that many Trick-or-treaters so even though we only bought one (150 count) bag at Costco AND we gave it away to trunk or treaters AS WELL as trick or treaters we STILL had candy left! Crazy stuff.

    Love that costume you mentioned!

    Halloween gets fun again once you have kids of your own, just sayin' :)

  3. I bought four boxes of candy and handed out to like five kids!!! So now not only do we have most of that candy, but all the candy my four kids got too (which filled up an entire gigantic box!). I am so getting fat.

  4. Next time just turn your light out once the candy is gone. I love the Steve Jobs costume. I love when kids get creative.

  5. As soon as you said "York Peppermint Patties," I thought you were for sure going to say that you are amazed that they still had some left because they are so damn delicious. Guess I'm an "old lady candy" type of person.

    Instead of eating my candy, I'd just try to find cool places to hide it in my room like Claudia did in the Babysitter's club, in case my imaginary overbearing Asian parents appeared to try and forbid me from eating junk food.

  6. Bahahaha. Ru, you know how to tell a great story. I haven't had my grown-up Halloween, but I'm in the transitioning phase. It made me really nostalgic. I decided that when I do give away my own candy, I will sit on the front porch with all of my friends, drinking wine and eating little cakes. If I don't eat cake, I'll end up eating the candy.

    That is my plan, and I will stick to it upon pain of disappointment.