Saturday, November 5, 2011

The creeper has been creeped out

Here's an embarrassing confession: Sometimes I decide that I would be friends with someone before I've ever met them. Knowing that it is extremely unlikely I will ever meet them.

For the sake of clarity, I'll just admit that I've got one person in mind as I make this weird revelation, and yes, this person is kinda-sorta a celebrity.  Which, yes, I know makes me a major weirdo.

(Does it help knowing that even if I told you who this person was, you would most likely not recognize her name and be forced to google for her identity, which is seriously like K-list it's so low?  I'd like to think it would.

Of course, I would then lose all the ground I had just gained by promptly admitting that I'd like to marry this person's brother, since then we'd be sisters-in-law.  CREEPY.)

Anyway, this person popped back in my radar recently in the most random way imaginable, and of course I took the opportunity to wonder if she (or her ridiculously attractive brother) were on Facebook.  And like everyone else on the planet, THEY WERE.

And that's when I found out she has a little pup.

And that pup is a SPENCER CLONE.

Seriously.  I stared at a few pictures of this girl (who I'm sure I'd be friends with if we were to ever meet) and her dog, which looks like a skinnier version of my dog.  Down to the freckles.

I gotta be honest ... part of me wondered if in an alternate universe, she secretly thinks I would be friends with her.


  1. i love your optimistic, stalker justification =)

  2. And what, exactly, is preventing you from meeting her? Or her brother?

    Why don't you post a picture of Spence (and you) on her page? I bet that breaks the ice nicely.

  3. Baaa, who is JH?? Now I have to know.

  4. now you got me curious who is it and i can totally justified all the stalking i do it's called

  5. Maybe she's reading this post because she's been secretly stalking you. :)

  6. Nope :) Never going to tell, sorry friends.