Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fun times with iTunes

It's Week 3 of the Dark Young Adult Blogfest: pick a soundtrack for a young adult book as if it were being made into a film.

The book: REMEMBER ME by Christopher Pike.

The synopsis:

When Shari Cooper awoke at home after being at her girlfriend's birthday party, her family acted like she wasn't there. They didn't hear a thing she said. They wouldn't even look at her. Then the call came from the hospital. Her father and brother paled. Her mother started to cry. Shari didn't know what was wrong. Not until she followed them to the hospital. There she found herself lying on a cold slab in the morgue. The police said that it was suicide. 

Shari knew she had been murdered. Making a vow to herself to find her killer, Shari embarks on the strangest of all criminal investigations: one in which she spies on her friends, and even enters their dreams -- where she comes face-to-face with a nightmare from beyond the grave. The Shadow -- a thing more horrible than death itself -- is the key to Shari's death, and the only thing that can stop her murderer from murdering again.

This was one of my favorite books in high school  and I strongly recommend reading it (and skipping the sequels).

So here we go.

"Cameo Lover," Kimbra
(Shari is getting ready for Beth's birthday party, on in the background as she gets ready)

"Paper Planes," MIA / "Pumped Up Kicks," Foster the People
(Beth's birthday party, prior to the seance) 

"Lost Cause," Beck
(Shari accompanies her family to the morgue)

"Jar of Hearts," Christina Perri
(Shari's funeral)

"West Coast," Coconut Records /"The One That Got Away," Katy Perry / "Thunderstruck," ACDC
(When Peter finds Shari at her grave site--flashback to Peter, alive in high school and then killed in the motorcycle accident--Peter explaining that his new ghost calling is to help other ghosts to cross over)

"The Underdog," Spoon
(To be used when Peter is trying to teach Shari about all her new ghost skills when she refuses to cross over until the murder is solved)

"Lost," Coldplay
 (When Shari is spying on Det. Garrett as he is investigating her friends and family and finds out that his daughter is a drug addict)

"Haunted," Taylor Swift
(When Shari decides to spy on her friends and family on her own)

"Moon River"
(When Shari spies on her brother Jimmy's black-and-white dream)

"Sexy and I Know It," LMFAO / "I Like the Way You Move" Body Rockers
(When Shari spies on her boyfriend Dan's dream and realizes he's having a sex fantasy about her and Beth)

"Renegade," Styx
(When Shari spies on Jo's dream and sees Jo as an old fortune teller)

"What Do You Want," Jerrod Niemann
(When Peter asks Shari to give up her investigation and cross over to the other side)

"Amen Omen," Ben Harper
(When the Shadow shows Shari a flashback of her entire life, from her birth to her murder.) 

"I Shall Not Walk Alone," Blind Boys of Alabama
(When Shari convinces her brother Jimmy to forgive her murderer so he can pop the air bubble in his heart/When Shari watches Jimmy get loaded into the ambulance/Peter returns to help Shari) 
"Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen / "Faithfully," Journey
(When Peter and Shari transform themselves into a devil and angel to scare Det. Garrett's daughter into giving up drugs to thank him for solving Shari's murder and saving Jimmy)

Now, obviously, there should probably be some instrumental sad/scary music in there.  I mean, I'm not really suggesting that Shari get thrown off a balcony to Foster the People, solve her own murder to a country song, or that the Shadow should chase her to Katy Perry.  But you get the basic drift.

And yes, I know there's some cheesy music on the list, but jeez.  It's already a movie about a seventeen-year-old ghost suspecting her friends of murdering her at a birthday party and covering it up--you need some levity or it will be a total downer.

I tend to find blog posts that are nothing but a string of embedded songs fairly annoying, but I also know it's kind of lame to just list some songs, knowing that most of us (me, at least) can't remember what a song sounds like just from it's name even if we do know it.

So here's some videos.



Foster the People:


Christina Perri:

Coconut Records:

Katy Perry:



Taylor Swift (not the official video, of course, since there were a million teen girl posted ones that I didn't want to sort through):


Moon River, Louis Armstrong version:


Body Rockers (with some seriously terrible video quality):


Jarrod Niemann:

Ben Harper:

Blind Boys of Alabama (shockingly, they don't seem to have an official music video. Please enjoy this awkward mash-up of images of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tiananmen Square):


  1. Wow. I read this book in middle school, I think, and I loved it. I had no idea there were any sequels though. Nice playlist...

    Thanks for the blast from the past!

  2. I had totally forgotten about this book! The sequels were a little strange, though I don't remember them well. Great music!

  3. YES! I love this book. Thank you for picking it! Also, Moon River--good call. :)

  4. Um, this book sounds AWESOME! Definitely adding it to the TO READ list. Pronto.

    You should try the Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting... it sounds like it has similar themes to this one (namely death and murder!), and is oh-so-awesome... in a completely creepy, morbid kind of way. But I loved it ( :

  5. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I bought it a couple years ago again and have never been happier! haha