Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thoughts on dog surgery

1. When I got Spence home, I thought about taking a picture of his undercarriage so I'd be able to compare levels of swelling and redness from day-to-day. But I have a work phone, and I don't want anyone to ever ask me why I have a picture of cauterized dog balls on it.

2. I kind of thought the Elizabethan collar would be cute.  It's not.  It's kind of mean and pathetic.

3. I suspect that Spence will someday forgive me for this -- in heaven.  I picture us up there on the clouds, him bounding around some giant column, and there will be lots of snuggling time.  And then he'll tell me, "You know that was a dick move, right? I mean, we're in heaven and now I'm over it, but I feel like it needs to be said."


  1. Aw, poor Spence! He may not forgive you right away, but at least you know he loves you.

  2. Spence has been fixed? Well, it is something encouraged. Just be careful of him in heaven. He might get some revenge ideas.

  3. your comment on Spence forgiving you whenhe is on a cloud reminded me of All Dogs Go To Heaven movie

  4. I had my dog neutered on April Fool's Day. (And don't beat yourself up; testicles aren't doing me any favors.)