Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A day late and a dollar short

As usual,  I've come up with my best ideas for Halloween costumes on November 1st. But these I think are pure gold.

Now, part of my paranoid brain worries that some of you out there might steal them 363 days from now, but so long as (1) you acknowledge that witty girl on the Internet who gave you the idea and (2) none of us go to the same parties next year, I don't mind one little bit.  Enjoy!

Napoleon Blownapart
(due credit to Diego)

Take a regular Napoleon costume -- rip out one side, insert fake guts.

Genghis Khanman

Take regular Genghis Khan costume -- add cheesy plaid sports coat and pornstache.

Mary Queen of Skanks
(due credit to Diego) 
It's going to take some doing to make sure you're not lumped in with the "slutty princess" crowd.  Therefore, you need as an authentic-as-possible Mary Queen of Scots costume BEFORE you slut-it-up.

Felon of Troy
This requires more sewing - get white-and-black stripe (or bright orange) fabric, make a Grecian gown. Add handcuffs for full effect. 

George Washington Redskins Fan
Add Redskins jersey and foam finger. At this point, isn't it getting a bit self-explanatory?

Any other suggestions?


  1. those are great!
    next year you should make it a contest!

    Snoopy Dogg, Snoopy costume w/big bling, stache and baggy clothes

  2. Hilarious! I can't think of any funny costumes like that, but I did have so much fun dressing up this year that I've already decided what I'm going to be next year. And no, it's not on your list.

  3. Oh, Napoleon Blownapart. It's hilarious in such a wrong way. >.<