Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing cements victory like pastry

PS, college band leaders across America: "Livin' On A Prayer" is not really a "get pumped" song.  It's more of a song that visiting fans are going to love belting out as their team gives yours the beatdown and your fans sit in sullen silence. 

So perhaps next time consider the AC/DC oeuvre.

(Did I really just to use "oeuvre?"  Sure did.  These opportunities only come along every so often, people.)

Whoa-oh, we're halfway there
Whoa-oh, livin on a prayer
Take my hand, we'll make it I swear
Ohhhh-oh, living on a prayer ...


  1. LOL!! Sounds like a sweet deal to me. :-)

  2. I found a football on my office floor today. Anyone want to run it in for another touchdown?

  3. that is hilarious!
    and free turnovers! woo hoo!
    i have an award for you too =)

  4. You got that song stuck in my head, and that sign is hilarious! I watched the last half of the game with a BYU fan. It was pretty fun to watch him suffer :)

  5. Hey Ru. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So sorry you didn't know about the conference. I went last year and almost didn't go this time because I've been to several over the past few months, but I'm so glad I did. Check out David Powers King's blog - he has a tab where he posts his schedule and lists conferences to attend. It'll give you some ideas of great conferences to go to.

    Yeah, I’m a fellow campaigner and chagrined it's taken me so long to get over here - my last post leaned more towards fantasy/YA - that's what I'm writing at the moment. But my first book that I'm going to be querying as soon as beta readers go over it once more is a type of mystery. I'm so glad to meet you.