Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I am excited about for on

(I added more prepositions for your viewing pleasure.)

1. Vampire Diaries and Modern Family returning to my weekly routine.  Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with TV?  Absolutely obsessed.

2. The Utah versus USC football game this weekend.  I am going to make blackberry cupcakes for the occasion and I'm pretty sure they're going to be epic.  I know this isn't a cooking blog or anything, but be prepared for some mad bragging if all goes according to plan. 

3. Writing conference in two weeks.  Actually, I don't know if that's actual excitement or total trepidation.  We will see.  Either way, I plan to buy some bitchin shoes in its honor.

Speaking of shoes, can I just say I am relieved/disappointed that these are sold out in my size?

I've never bought anything at Anthropologie before (on principle and on lack of funds) and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to maintain that goal, but jeez.  It was close with those shoes.

4. Finishing A Dance with Dragons.  Stayed up until 1 am last night.  I probably would still be sprawled out on my bed, completely enraptured, if a Bran Stark chapter hadn't come up.  I am sorry, little crippled kid, but even with the ability to mind-meld with wolves and people, I find you more boring than church.

(Sorry, church.)

5. Reading Life As We Knew It.  I know I said it was number 2 on my to-be-read list while on vacation, but I ended up putting Twenty Boy Summer (yes, it is better than the title implies) there instead.  If you want a nice one-two punch of contemporary young adult, I would definitely recommend that and Anna and the French KissTwenty Boy Summer is definitely more somber, so maybe go with that one first.

Speaking of awkward titles, are there any books out there you'd like to read, but feel like you can't because of a bad title or cover?  I've mostly gotten over that, but this was a big problem for me as a kid.  I remember hiding LJ Smith books in my history text because I didn't want anyone to know I was reading something called THE PASSION (of all things) at fourteen.  It sure didn't help that the cover made it look like something that would definitely include some throbbing members.  (It didn't, but try explaining that to a group of scornful post-tomboys.)

Awkward. Early 90s, there was just no excuse.


  1. When I wrote my most recent blog post, I totally ended a sentence with a preposition and it didn't even phase me. Boo to me.

    Those shoes are amazing. I love anthropologie (cliche? Just a little bit) but never let myself pay full price for anything from there. If it's not on sale, it's not for me but really, those shoes are too cute.

  2. I'm excited Modern Family is going to be back on too! I need my Cam and Mitchell fix! I felt the same way about the Bran chapters in that book. I prefer Arya. She had a very interesting storyline.

  3. Hurray, someone else who loves TV as much as I do!

    Yeah, the covers of the new "continuation" of the Vampire Diaries books - still completely embarrassing.

  4. My birthday happens to be September 20 and I like to pretend that all the TV shows are coming back just for me. Of course, I can't remember the last time I regularly watched a TV show as it was happening, but I'm still excited that new episodes are there if I want them. Happy Birthday week to me!

  5. PS...I developed a love for Anthropologie within the last six months. It was detrimental. Then every single time I wear anything from there, I get compliments...a lot of compliments. I've had people in restaurants, random parking lots, the ladies room, the theater, etc. all ask me where I got my adorable dress. Of course that only perpetuates the addiction.
    Ebay is a God send if you don't mind last season's stuff.

  6. It would appear that I really ought to read Anna and the French Kiss. I keep hearing about it!

    Please share the cupcake recipe. They sound great!

  7. One of the joys of ereaders is NO ONE knows what I'm reading . . .

    Also - I do one Anthropologie splurge (or two) a year, but yeah. That's about all I can afford.

    But their shoes . . . sigh . . .

  8. Hey, I stumbled across your blog today (via my friend Julie's blog) and LOVED it! I'm also very excited about Vampire Diaries and A Dance of Dragons! Not to mention all your quotes (I too love Enders Game and Angel). I'll definitely be following along from now on :)

  9. Great shoes! I tend to buy most of my shoes this time of year: leather boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots. Can you tell I like boots? I can't help it!
    BTW, that is an awkward title. What were they thinking?