Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog regret

OK, even though I feel like that last post was totally innocuous, channel surfing led me to an episode of Ugly Betty where Betty's blog gets her in big trouble.   I immediately started to get squeamish.

Now I'm trying really hard to keep myself from doing some quick editing/deleting.  And reminding myself that roughly three people read my blog on a semi-regular basis.


  1. Plus, did you really say anything bad about your place of employ? No. You complained a bit about the crap that is the billable hour. If all attorneys who ever publicly complained about the billable hour were fired for said complaining, there would be five of us left. And those five would be the mutes who complained through sign language. Trust me. :D

    PS--the security word was "sheti." As in "billable hours are sheti." :P

  2. I'm totally going to start using "sheti" in my internet shenanigans now. Gracias, Vogeler.

    And oh yeah, in case you're wondering ... after all my whining about how I'm not going to hit my billables, I'm taking an internet surfing break to respond to blog comments. Because I'm a rational being like that.