Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Airline People,

I am searching for a flight to a friend's destination wedding.

Several of my friends have already booked their flight, and lo and behold, it features a stop-over in Austin.

Why then is their flight - Salt Lake to Austin to Destination - $100 cheaper than my flight of Austin to Destination? IT'S THE SAME FLIGHT, but two hours faster and many miles shorter. How does that not merit a reduction in price? It would literally be cheaper for me to drive home to Salt Lake and get on the flight with them, stop in my new stomping grounds, and then continue on to our final destination. (Of course, I would rather die that make that drive again, but you see my point.)

So I will most likely be booking the extra-expensive flight. I will board in Austin and cheerfully take my place in a seat hopefully near my Salt Lake friends (all of whom were initially quite jealous that their flight was going to stop over in Austin, because ALL OF US THOUGHT that meant my flight would be hella-cheap) as we wing our way to Destination Wedding 2010.

But I just wanted to let you know that this is why no one cares whenever one of your companies files for bankruptcy. You guys are dicks.




  1. Is it the stupidest idea ever to book the SLC flight with the layover in Austin and then just "miss" the SLC flight?

  2. I think that is sort of what I ended up doing. The problem is you can't do it when the flight starts at the airport you're missing, because then they give away your seat if there's anyone flying standby.