Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey, remember when ...?

... Nip/Tuck was mandatory watching?

When I was a junior and senior in college, I remember cramming into TV rooms at Tri Delt and Phi Delt to watch Drs. McNamara and Troy ask patients what they didn't like about themselves.  I remember screaming shrilly when the Carver would suddenly appear on-screen to slash up some unsuspecting victim.  Even by my first year in law school, Nip/Tuck was still solid.

And then ...

... I just stopped watching it for some reason.  

I've caught episodes here and there, in addition to the sort of salacious commercials only Nip/Tuck can produce.  So I kinda knew the boys had relocated to LA.  I knew Matt had become a porn star/meth addict/Scientologist/burn victim/etc.  I knew that Julia had left, come back, left, come back ... and now is back?

But with only ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT (before the series finale) I've decided to recommit to Nip/Tuck in our old ages, albeit briefly.

Like the Bridges of Madison County, only for me and a TV show that used to be cool.

1 comment:

  1. You just made me feel really old. When we were in college the manadatory was "St. Elsewhere" on an 8 inch b&w.

    Never seen N/T - but I don't much like Dr. shows anymore, not after ER jumped the shark a gazillion times.