Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for critiquing

Here is what my financial future looks like at the moment:

1. Potential dog brain surgery ($X,XXX)*
2. Almost-certain main sewer line retrofitting ($XX,XXX)
3. I-wish-I-could kitchen remodeling ($XX,XXX)

Let's just say, vacation prospects aren't looking good for 2013. To say the least.

When you already live a relatively frugal lifestyle (my indulgences include eating out, the occasional moderately priced cardigan, and vacations), it's hard to know what you ought to cut out. Once you eliminate Cafe Rio, H&M, and road trips, what is left to axe?

Cable? Don't have it.

Fancy cell phone plan? Don't pay for one.

$1,500 a day Faberge egg habit? (Name the reference!)

As I ponder what I could do to make up the difference between What I Need and What I Have, the thought occurs to me ... hey, remember that writing thing you do that you currently don't make any money from?

Could I possibly find a way to make money from that?

So I’m putting it out there – starting in May, if there is any interest, I will be offering editing and critiquing services.

Section and copy editing experience (May 2005 - May 2006)
Textbook editing (September 2007 – April 2009)
Fast reader (like, like whoa levels of speed)

If you’re interested, email me at theadventuresoflawyergirl (at) gmail or leave a comment. I would love to get some feedback/thoughts on this idea, even if you aren't interested in my services. What kind of critiquing would YOU want, if you were to hypothetically pay for some?

(Disclaimer: Of course, if we've already done the critique partner thing, I wouldn't charge you, and if you would like me to read for you in exchange for you someday reading for me, why of course that's a different matter! But if you just need someone to tear up your manuscript or even term paper with their little red pen -- or track changes, as the case may be -- I'd be happy to oblige for a fee that is yet to be quite determined ...)


  1. Simpsons did it.

    Also, never forget that bone marrow is a renewable resource.

  2. Can I just tell you how gorgeous your new profile pic is? :)