Friday, April 26, 2013

I need to ask for a favor (and oh yeah, I'm quitting that A to Z thing)

I need to think of a name.

It has to be a girl's name. It has to start with J.

Ideally, I want it to be unique -- but not so unique that no one will know how to say it.

I could go to a baby name book or website, but here's the kicker -- I want to know what names people like, and not just what names exist.

So if you guys could get me started, you'd have my eternal gratitude. :)

Finally, regarding A to Z: I've done it for the last three years, and for some reason this was the first time I found myself struggling with it. I've enjoyed finding some other blogs, and I hope some readers enjoyed finding me. (Hi, readers!) But I think that's all for now.


  1. Jade, Jacinda, Jaya (it's a Hindi name and my niece's middle name), Jasmine...those are my top picks. I hope they help!

  2. Yeah ... I can't do the A-Z thing. :) I've always liked the name Jess. Not sure why... :)

  3. I'm inclined to agree. I seem to work very hard for comments.
    A - Z Challenge

  4. Jermione? Jatniss? Jinderella?

  5. Yeah, I decided not to do the A to Z thing this year because I just felt like I was over it.

    As for names, what sort of an unusual name are you looking for? Any particular sound or ethnicity or feeling you are looking for? Some J names I like are Jayna, Jemma, Jenae, and Juniper.

  6. These are some excellent J name suggestions, thanks so much!

    (Not Jatniss, though. Sheesh ;))