Friday, February 17, 2012

This sums up the difference between Hannah and Diego:

After coming home from a date the other night, I found myself puzzled.  We'd had great conversation and a fun time on three different occasions, and yet ... I was pretty sure he was not that into me.

It's just a gut feeling you get sometimes, and mine are usually right.  Despite three hours of dazzling conversation (ok, fine, I probably shouldn't have talked so much about the capital gains tax, but in my defense HE WAS INTO IT), this was going absolutely nowhere.

As I laid on the rug in the living room, trying to figure out where I'd gone awry, I had a brilliant idea.  I looked up at Hannah and Diego on the couch, where they were watching New Girl.  "Hey!  Next time I have a good date lined up, will you guys go to the restaurant, pretend you're on a date, and secretly evaluate my behavior?"

Hannah: "Hell no."

Diego: "Absolutely! But you'll have to sign something beforehand agreeing to not be upset by any of my observations or conclusions."


  1. I have a former roommate who would love to have someone do that for her. When she got home from dates (which happened a lot, partly because she had friends who were obsessed with setting her up on blind dates), she always said she wished it were possible to get evaluations from her dates so she knew how it went and could learn from the experience.

  2. Will you rent Diego out as a live-in advice columnist, tension breaker, and general bestie for life?

  3. The funny thing is, both responses sound like the right answer.