Monday, February 20, 2012

A conversation: End of the world edition

Person 1: If you were living in zombie apocalypse, and it was just you and Spence trapped in your house, and you ran out of food, would you eventually resort to eating Spence?

Me: No.

Person 1: Seriously? The alternative is starving to death.

Me: I know, but I wouldn't. I mean, Tom Hanks almost drowned for a volleyball, I'm not eating my dog.


  1. Spence is lucky to have you. That volleyball was lucky to have Tom.

  2. The next question is: after you starved to death, would SPENCE eat YOU? :) Not that you wouldn't gladly become puppy chow for him, since there was no hope for you, anyway.

    Losing the volleyball was a very sad moment.

  3. My biggest concern would honestly be, "Who will keep Spence safe from the zombies after I'm dead?" Little guy just does not have much of a self-preservation instinct.

  4. Let's be best friends. I just had a conversation about how Sparky would have a serious problem in the zombie apocalypse keeping quiet. I have added 'Puppy Calm' to my food storage.

  5. Plus, what happens after you eat him? Then you'll still be hungry in a day or two.

  6. Honestly, if it were the Zombie Apocalypse and the only thing standing between me and starvation was eating my pet, I think I'd be at the point that I'd welcome death anyway.